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Beppe Savoni of Dynamix
    Beppe Savoni of Dynamix :: Biography
BEPPE SAVONI “Learning to question yourself and your creation, trying to improve what you do and step to the next level of knowledge”

Beppe Savoni on the challenges of music. Beppe Savoni was born in the south of Italy in 1974 and has had a passion for music since age 3. At age 5, despite his young age he auditioned and was admitted into the Accademia Civera, one of the most prestigious schools for music in the south pf Italy. There he began taking voice and piano classes as well as writing his first primitive songs. Beppe had been invited to appear on many TV shows, to tour thru Italy, and to star in two musicals. Beppe always dreamed of getting into electronic music, playing keyboards and programming music on a computer, and at age 14 he bought his first synthesizer. Beppe has studied piano at various schools until age of 18, mostly playing classical compositions. Until 1994, Beppe focused mostly on writing pop tracks fusing his study of classical music, when he produced his first dance track with the Italian underground label Marcon Music. Since then, Beppe has been producing dance music bringing forth a melting of pop, gospel, and soul. Many of his tracks have been remixed by internationally famous producers as Stonebridge, Peter Presta, Love Solution, and Visnadi, also entering into top 10 dance charts in several European countries. In 1998 Beppe moved to New York City, where KULT Records found his production skills of interest. Soon after he co-produced together with Eddie Cumana of DYNAMIX a cultural blending of magical and mystical elements of Indian music with dance sounds and beats for Yasmin Rashid, a traditional performer from India. The result was a unique spiritually uplifting song appropriately entitled “Elements” which was the first collaboration followed by his contribution with being responsable for finding and introducing singer Tina Ann to KULT Records, who hired the newcomer for the re-recording of "don't want another man" by Adrianne.

Currently Beppe Savoni and Eddie Cumana are still the workforce behind DYNAMIX and are working on a multitude of projects while getting ready to promote Inda Matrix's new dancefloor smash "Bodyfly". Beppe has also written and produced along Italy's super talented, E.G. Espace feat. Cristianna J "Erruptions of love" which found its way on most Top 40 Radios in Europe thanks to Times Records, Italy. The anticipated follow up of this crossover pop sensation will be hitting the costs of Italy summer 2003. (On Time records) To see a crowd dancing and liking one of his songs is always a memorable moment for Beppe and he believes that his music sends some form of energy to the people listening. Beppe also enjoys the process that starts from the idea of a melody or arrangement and sharing the realization of it with people. To be able to open people’s hearts to a new state of soul awareness through music and the message it carries, is but one goal that Beppe has when writing music. Though time and experience has taught him well that keeping an open mind, trust and respecting the people whom you work with, all lends itself to writing and producing music as well as improving upon perfection.

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