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Eddie Cumana of Dynamix
    Eddie Cumana of Dynamix :: Biography
Eddie Cumana, a nuyorcuban groove prodigy, has 18 years of experience in the music business as a sound engineer, record label executive, song-writer, a professional DJ and producer. Today Eddie is creating the hottest music that is being broadcast on radio mix shows and spinning internationally on dance floors alike. Entertaining friends and family, Eddie began DJing at the early age of 10 years old and his first love was a pair of turntables. Once old enough to enter the clubs, he absorbed the punching kicks and hypnotic bass grooves that were popular at one of his then favorite hang-outs Disco 2000 at the Limelight in NYC. Eddie’s love for underground music led him to work at related jobs. He was one of the founding staff members of King Street when it opened it’s doors in 1994 and simultaneously was the residents DJ at Nell’s in New Jersey. Eddie’s set included a lot of melodic house and live instrumentation. Eddie’s love of melodies is apparent on the release of “Boulevard East” released on King Street which he co-produced and wrote. Eddie continued to release slammin’ productions under various monikers for record labels such as Avex (Sony Japan), Arista, Ministry of Sound, Maxi, Nervous, Kult, King Street, as well as on his own imprint Tobacco Records.

Many of Eddie’s productions are timeless and can still be played today, such as the song “Automatic” that he co-wrote with keyboardist Dave Cepero over 10 years ago. Eddie and partners opened a commercial sound studio where he worked as the in-house engineer and technician. After a successful three years and additional skills to his repertoire, Eddie’s career brought him to working for KULT Records where he is currently the label manager. Kult Records was quick to recognize Eddie’s multi-faceted talents and encouraged him to bring his cutting edge hard hitting production to the table to be the producing force behind the multi-Artist Act Dynamix. Eddie Cumana’s sound is thunderous, progressive and driving. With over 33 productions to his name and gigging internationally, Eddie has risen to the top through his hard work, passionate dedication and regenerating himself as an artist, producer, song-writer and DJ.

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